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Create your own Slideshow
By now you have all downloaded at least one slideshow template from the many templates Boghi has been posting.

So its time to learn how to make your own, don't you think? Cool

In this video tutorial, Andrew Kramer shows you how to create a slideshow with some cool effects and timesaving methods in After Effects.

I think Andrew Kramer is one of the best (if not THE best Angel) teachers of After Effects.

Thank you Andrew Kramer
Please click the Thanks button; refresh the page and then the download link will be revealed.
Jamboth , thank you for the great work Smile
I hope a lot of people will find tutorials posted by you useful and at least will thank you if they don't want to leave a message .
[Image: YHtTveR.jpg]
thanks a lot brother..it really helped me a lot...Heart

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