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My Book Promotion (v2)

Download Link:
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This book promotion template will present and promote your book or eBook.
Its shows everything you need to show to interest people to buy your book. Title, author, quotes, reviews, a teaser preview text, a general mention, a price and of course where to buy it. Useful for online book stores or private sellers but also physical book stores.
It’s easy to change the entire scene to the mood of the book. Whether a children’s book, a business book, a horror book or a cook book.
** NEW UPDATE! A thinner version of the book! see image below! **

+ Switch between hard cover or paperback with one click.
+ Add or remove a floor with one click.
+ Add or remove a wall with one click.
+ Add or remove a skyline with one click.
+ Change all colors & texts.
+ Change the inside content.
+ And of course change the book cover to your liking.
[Image: YHtTveR.jpg]
Great template! Thanks for sharing. Big Grin
Thanks for this templet >>
i used in my home to keep my childbearing reading
no links are working Sad
i am trying it say url is blocked and any court error..what to do?
Great work. Thanks for this template.
hey nice tempate, how long did you take to make this?

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