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Advertisement and New Server.
Hello to everybody !
We crossed 1400 registered users and i'm very happy of this Cool
Wanted to announce that from today on website will be some advertisements .
I didn't find any other way to maintain the website with all the cost and seo cost.
I hope they won't bother you Blush
Users that purchase VIP don't have any advertisements.

Also ,i hope that from next month I will move website on a new server ,more powerful ,so everything could load faster and You to enjoy your stay on aefvt Smile

[Image: YHtTveR.jpg]
We all understand that these things cost money, so, it is only right that you put advertisements on. I is also great news about the new server.

Thanks again for a great website!!
Please click the Thanks button; refresh the page and then the download link will be revealed.

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