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Text Animation made Easy.

AFTER EFFECTS BASIC TUTORIAL - Animating Text in After Effects

This tutorial is designed for new After Effects users.

KriscoartProductions tried to include as many basic tips and tricks in order to get a good grasp of animating in After Effects.

After watching this tutorial you will hopefully be able to produce several cool animations and be able to follow along more intermediate tutorials.

I really hope this helps out!

All credit to: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcck1Zdvdt5aML_O32Y_Adg
Please click the Thanks button; refresh the page and then the download link will be revealed.
Jamboth, thanks for taking the time to load this, for those of us new to this it was very enlightening.
thanks mate im trying to create a lyric video and this will be a great start Smile

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