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Airport Gallery Package

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The project can be used for Professional Movie, Publicity, Video Clip or Events.

Create your own scene or use the ones that in the preview (13 scenes).
Change all pictures or vidéo faster with drag and drop, the project is well organized.

You have to a chance to design your own realistic Airbus A320 série fully rigged to simulate the flaps or the gear.

Manage the day time with one cursor from 06 AM to 10 PM (Linked with sky position, sky color and shadows) .


Full HD
Compatibility CS5.5 and above
33 Placeholders for pictures or Videos
Texts Unlimited (15 in the preview)
1 integration for person in green screen
Change Lights Colors (spots & neon)
Change ambiance colors for all environment (sky position, sunset, Night, shadows with just one cursor)

Package content:

1 Aircraft Fully Rigged and textured in 3K
1 Airportt Runway in 4K from CDG Paris
1 Airport with 2 floors
3 Shops fully customizable
All 3d models (they have been divided to manage independently all reflections)
9 Audio Sample for Aircraft and Mechanic billboard included
23 airport signs png file
2 movie above the clouds and 1 clouds
[Image: YHtTveR.jpg]

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