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Greetings everyone
Greetings everyone!

I just joined on this page via the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Akq8fJsjQ where i was searching how to create or download the particles since i didn't installed them.

Lately on my youtube channel i did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IodTlBeWm1c and i have done something else also but i am not so fond of those before. My point is i am beginner and learning fast id say.

I wanna improve my skills and knowledge on FX in order to create highly complex animations. Later i am going to post a video here in this thread just to show you what exactly i wish to accomplish. I thought i had some knowledge in FX but when i saw what a neighbor of mine is doing (who i dont know personally since he is older working in videos production) i got a bit demotivate or the opposite i guess now. Nevertheless i want to learn more and i also know one of the best ways was through templates.

So if anyone has any which can serve me well i would be grateful. What i have trouble learning honestly is the masking because i am mixing what is shown what's not shown when you draw the mask etc. Also i want to know much more about moving the camera and stalling objects while camera moves etc.

Kind regards,
Dusko Avramovski

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