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Magic Tree Photo Slideshow

Download Link:
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This is a photo slideshow featuring various frames moving along with the leafs and the wind in a tree. There are 26 unique placeholders for photos and movies. The file is well organized and instructions are included.

Template info:

1920×1080 30fps
28 scenes
26 placeholders + text
2 landscape placeholders
2 square placeholders
22 portrait placeholders
Photos can be stretched to accommodate all placeholders
[Image: YHtTveR.jpg]
hey... broke link.........................
This file is no longer available. Which is the case with most of the links provided on the site, is there a way to have direct contact with someone who has templates? I'm running into so many pop-up ads that it's ridiculous. I would sub for a premium account but I don't see the point in doing that if there's no content available. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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