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World News Broadcast Package

Download Link:
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World News Pack, is a new news template with a lot of broadcast elements and on air graphics. Contains: Opener, Headlines, lower thirds, Ots, Split Screens, Info Screens, Weather, Sport, business and Breaking News Openers and many more. This project offers you cool and easy way to customize a NEWS TEMPLATE.
Change images and videos
Replace the logos
Change colors
Change texts
Includes help
No plug-ins required

The fonts are FONTS: ““Calibri” you can download this at dafont.com
[Image: YHtTveR.jpg]
Thanks for your effort brother. but kindly know that the file is no longer available. Please update the link.
thanks again.
This link is dead, I've only found two links on the site so far that haven't been dead. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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