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Show us your work and win Premium membership .
(08-26-2014, 09:12 AM)Nadine Wrote: Was waiting for someone else to make the first post so that I could see how it works, but apparently other people thought the same thing, so I'll take the jump and try.

I like to make videos of my family and set them to music to remember special occasions like vacation time or holidays. I'll take the example of our last vacation which was to Ireland. I used the soundtrack from The Island as background music, because it is kind of epic and the landscape of Ireland is as well, in my opinion. And then I chose the best scenes/footage that we shot of said landscape and of each other having fun, and cut it up so that it fit the music and made for a good viewing experience.
I only relatively recently found this site, but it is very helpful for my projects, especially the title sequences because I usually comparateur mutuelle chien just wrote a very simple title at the very beginning and that was it, but this way, I can do something more fancy, which looks great.

I hope I don't have to embed the video in question, because I don't feel comfortable sharing it online (since the video is about me and my family and I prefer to stay anonymous on the Internet; none of my videos are online anywhere, it's just for me and my family).


This is a really good post and a very interesting one too because there are many tips in it. 

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