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Text Animation made Easy. - Jamboth - 05-30-2014

AFTER EFFECTS BASIC TUTORIAL - Animating Text in After Effects

This tutorial is designed for new After Effects users.

KriscoartProductions tried to include as many basic tips and tricks in order to get a good grasp of animating in After Effects.

After watching this tutorial you will hopefully be able to produce several cool animations and be able to follow along more intermediate tutorials.

I really hope this helps out!

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RE: Text Animation made Easy. - vwillis - 05-31-2014

Jamboth, thanks for taking the time to load this, for those of us new to this it was very enlightening.

RE: Text Animation made Easy. - breonjohnson1 - 03-15-2017

thanks mate im trying to create a lyric video and this will be a great start Smile