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Hi here I am - Aefun79 - 07-08-2016

Hi everyone i see this site is not so old like other AE forums, but I can see is a lot of interesting things. I was looking for "mosaic photo reveal" cause need to understand how to create video walls or floating screens on a 3D composition. Sure I need to learn a lot before being satisfied with my projects on AE.

Mostly my work is with vegas 12

I will upload my templates some day when they can help others.

So greetings to all and hoping to have fun and create things together!Big Grin

RE: Hi here I am - Daisy22 - 03-20-2017

Hi ! I'm Daisy from UK and newbie for this forum Smile in professional i am a freelance writer and worked many college projects Smile

RE: Hi here I am - Micro333 - 02-16-2018

Hello Everyone, Adam from India. This site looks great. Happy yo stay here. Thanks..

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